Last Day

Technically I’m not leaving until tomorrow, but today is the day my mum arrives to help me finish packing up and to collect me, and I’ve now said goodbye to everyone and been to see everyone. It’s been a week of going to cafes and restaurants and having people round for meals and generally lots of socialising, which has made me even more tired but was worth it! The only things left to do are to pack up what’s still left, clean my room, see my DoS and actually leave.

Last night most of the lawyers in my year and my college parents came out with me to have drinks (and desserts, and in some cases entire meals…) and to chat and laugh and generally hang out for the last time. I’m really going to miss them all, especially the third years who won’t be here when I come back. I’ll miss you, guys, if you’re reading this! It was odd hearing people talking about the lectures I’d have been in if I wasn’t leaving – it’s only been two weeks but I’ve already been left behind. Oh well. Next year’s lectures will be the same!

Joanne has given me a beautiful journal to record my year in. I haven’t decided exactly how I’m going to do that yet, but writing on good-quality paper is one of my favourite things to do so I will definitely be using it somehow 🙂

Time to clear the last of the rubbish out, wash up the remaining dirty plates, and start emptying my drawers into the suitcases and bags which are all over my room. It doesn’t actually feel like I’m leaving.

Oh, mum just arrived. Maybe it will feel more real now.


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