Home again

So. Since I last wrote anything I have packed, slept, travelled, slept, unpacked, slept, watched a film, slept, and read & listened to lots of lovely messages from people. I’m now writing this (obviously) and then I’m going to sleep. There may be a pattern emerging…

It feels really odd to be back here. It’s been the longest day I can remember for a long time, maybe because of all the sleeping, and Cambridge already feels like a rather distant memory. A funny thing happened on the journey here – we stopped for lunch in a service station, and I was buying a burger. The guy who served me seemed to be staring at my chest and I was going to be all “dude, what are you doing” until I remembered I was wearing my Panto hoodie, so I had “Everybody’s playing to my tune…” written in sparkly letters on my left breast. It seems that wearing stash isn’t the done thing in the real world.

Anyway, I’m about to send a facebook email to some people who I would like to think might be interested in what I’m up to, so this no longer feels like some kind of weird diary which I’m for some reason writing on the internet but more like a letter to a bunch of friends. I hope it isn’t too boring; now that I’m back I’ll probably only write when something has actually happened, so it could be a few weeks until the next entry…

No, I tell a lie. Tomorrow I am going for lunch at the local church hall with some people from the village who my mum and stepdad know. I’m sure it will be thrilling.


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