I took the dog for a walk today. Actually I took him for a walk yesterday too and I’ll probably take him again tomorrow but that isn’t the point. Today was the first day I woke to see the pond was frozen. My goodness today was cold. We only managed about twenty minutes before we were both about to say goodbye to our extremities and lie down on the ground to die (I might exaggerate a little but not a lot).

In Cambridge I got used to a coat being optional, particularly if I was going out on my bike or something. Here, not only is a coat definitely mandatory but so are two pairs of socks, gloves, thick woolly jumpers and boots.

It’s pretty though! The scenery is amazing and when the sun comes up or goes down, which it seems to spend most of its time doing at the moment, everything turns golden and shimmers. And it’s peaceful too, the only real noises are from the farms or birds singing. It might not be the most lively place on the planet (correction: it is the second least lively place on the planet, after Sunshine City, Arizona) but I guess I am here for peace and rest, not parties. Which is just as well really.

Highlight of today: these little loves.

Miriam and Morag, who we still call the kittens even though they must be at least three by now.

Midge, of the laser eyes.

And Moritz, who wouldn’t come down from the top of the cupboard for his photoshoot so you’ll just have to trust me that he’s very handsome.

I still miss little Stilton but after that lot you can understand why she couldn’t come with me.

I think the cats like having me here – they’re treating me like a centrally-heated cushion.

Update: seem to be coming down with a sore throat again. If I keep this up for a little while longer the NHS will finally agree to let me have my tonsils out! (You have to get tonsillitis five times in 12 months – I’m currently at three with another bout just hanging out waiting to strike.)

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