What a difference a day makes…


Yesterday I went down to the village to get my hair cut, which is a twenty minute walk each way, so instead of taking Midge for a walk I took him into the field with a tennis ball and my camera.

I’m going to do a bit of a photodump because it was fun and I took some cute pictures!

(This is one of my favourite pictures – they both went for the ball but Mirrie thought Midge was coming for her.)

And today? Well, take a look at the field from my bedroom window this morning.

In particular note that the fields on the other side of the valley don’t have any snow! That’s mad. The garden out the front looks even snowier, and when I got up at about eleven there were no footprints, even though my mum and stepdad had both left the house about three hours earlier – it came down fast.

In other news I can now see out from under my fringe which is a big improvement! The hairdresser in our village is a girl called Bethan who cuts my hair really well, especially considering she usually spends her days giving OAPs perms and silver rinses, and she’s really nice. Also it’s the cheapest hair cut I’ve ever found – she charges about £6 for a dry cut and £11 for a wash and cut, which even added together is still cheaper than anywhere in Cambridge.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do today until I discovered that I had left the Sims 2 in my DVD drive, so it wasn’t packed into a box in my dad’s garage after all. Hurray for terrible time-wasting video games.

You guys should definitely come and visit and give me something else to think about! It’s much more fun here with other people around and the cats love visitors. I love visitors too!


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