Names and suchlike

I’ve just been listening to The Importance of Being Earnest on Radio 7. And I also got a letter from my doctor a few days ago – it contained a copy of the medical letter she wrote to send to my tutor. Those two things are connected because they both contain problems with names.

The problem with the letter is that she addressed it to Dr Wilson. My tutor’s name is Professor Watson. I don’t think it is likely to arrive at its destination. Like most doctors my doctor has appalling handwriting and the letter was signed on her behalf by someone else who probably just took a best guess at what the scrawl said, but still I am being charged £22.50 for a letter that will probably never arrive and I’m going to have to send a copy myself.

Still lots of snow here. I’m going downstairs to sit in front of the fire – we cooked vegetables on top of the stove today. Mum was unaccountably pleased, she said that now we know if there’s a power cut we can still cook. Which is true but it takes a very long time.


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