Delayed updates

I got a new set of curtains for my room today. I didn’t realise it was happening; apparently they had been ordered before I knew I was coming home and then I guess mum and John forgot I didn’t know. Anyway they are very elegant, a sort of very pale brown (almost cream) with reddish gold and green leaves on them. It took all three of us nearly an hour to put them up. I hadn’t realised it was so much effort! I’d have preferred brighter colours but the whole room is very muted because it’s a guest room really, and the new curtains match the picture frames and the counterpanes and so on.

It seems very odd that the most interesting thing to have happened today is new curtains. I had been planning on going into town to do some Christmas shopping and just get out of the house, but I slept in and couldn’t get a lift in with John when he went in. I’m definitely going tomorrow and I might take myself to the cinema in the afternoon to see Harry Potter if I’m not too tired. It’s the first day I’ve got up before 10am and done anything at all active, so it’ll be a good test to see if I’m better or not.

Strange to think it’s the last day of term tomorrow.


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