Stress dreams?

Oh man I have had so many teeth-falling out dreams lately, it is disturbing. I am not sure why, since I’ve always heard that you get dreams about your teeth falling out when you’re stressed and my life could not really get less stressful at the moment. They aren’t exactly crumbling or anything, but they just fall out in weird ways each night. Odd.

In other news, mum and John are back from London and it sounds like they had a lot of fun. Mum told me that there’s a huge ice rink in Leicester Square and it suddenly dawned on me that I’ll be in London for an entire evening and most of the night without anything much to do in two weeks so I can skate! And go to the cinema and eat pizza and do fun stuff. If anyone else is around on the evening of the 16th and wants to join me in fun things, let me know 🙂 I’ll be sleeping in the airport because my flight is way early the next morning.

I baked a cake yesterday, and it turned out really nice! The last time I tried to make a cake I left it in far too long because I forgot about it, so it was kind of dry and a bit burnt round the edges, but this one rose really nicely and is all soft and pretty. I iced it with butter icing and jam in the middle (the butter icing contains vanilla extract and yellow food colouring just for amusement’s sake) and we’ll probably eat some of it today. Nom nom nom. I’m pretty proud of my nicely baked cake, I could never get cakes to bake properly at uni because of the awful oven being so useless.

Also I started making Christmas cards for the various people I’ll be staying with over Christmas. Today I’m going to try finish those, post some stuff, tidy my room a bit, and maybe start wrapping presents. Wheee nearly time to go to Norway!


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