A Silver Lining

I’ve been sleeping a little less well since I got my new curtains, because they haven’t got a very thick lining and I wake up at about 7.30 when it gets lights and my mum is getting ready to work. Last night I wore one of those mask things that people wear in films and which look vaguely comical but it actually helped a lot and I woke up after 10 feeling much less tired. I guess I’m not totally recovered after all, but I don’t nap in the afternoons any more so things are improving.

And I am very grateful not to be in this situation. Things could be a lot worse!

I’m starting to get a bit antsy with not much to do. It doesn’t seem like they’ll be interviewing me for the hospital job before Christmas, and then since New Year falls on a weekend there’ll be two bank holidays so it probably won’t be before the 4th January at the earliest. Which is good because it means I can definitely go to London etc, but it also means I won’t be working before March at the earliest (I have to be CRB checked by the hospital before I start, so even if I am successful at interview it’ll be another month before that comes through and then there’s a couple of weeks of training). Grr.

Today I’m going to try and get Christmas presents wrapped. There are some very oddly-shaped things that need wrapping, and one person’s present comes in about twenty different pieces, which seemed like a good idea at the time but is going to be rather time-consuming to wrap…


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