This green and pleasant land

Where has all the snow gone? It was there on Saturday, and now it is gone and I can see the grass again. Even the pond has mostly melted and there was a layer of ice at least five inches thick. I will never understand this weather.

I’m making plans for the next few weeks and it’s very exciting! The main thing is trying to figure out where I’ll be staying on which days in London, and hoping that I won’t be called for interview at the hospital until the 6th. It’s unlikely but you just know that if I book my return ticket for the 5th, they’ll want to see me on that morning.

I’m disproportionately excited about this trip 🙂 Norway is going to be great fun but other than actually getting there with all my belongings I don’t have any planning to do, since I’m going to stay with friends. London is all up to me and after a month in a place where the most exciting thing to happen is the oil tanker coming to deliver some fuel for the central heating, it’s fun to plan things like trips to the cinema or the theatre or ice skating or shopping or just walking round looking at things.

Eeeeeeeee excited. Once I’m back from London and all interviewed up I’ll be heading north and I’ll get to do this all over again, except with Yorkshire and possibly Newcastle.

Getting back to Shropshire for a moment, I’ve been knitting a dishcloth (I’m not joking – it’s turned out quite neatly suprisingly) and buying fabric to make a quilt. It’s quite pretty fabric but I’m not convinced it’ll look quite how I was hoping when it’s all sewn together – I wanted a subtly patterned cream as the base colour and the shop didn’t have any so I ended up with pink.


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