Going on holiday!

I am possibly more excited about this holiday than any I’ve ever taken before, partly because it’s coming at a point where I’m going a bit stir-crazy with nothing to do and very few people to see. I hit a low point last week and had several raging arguments with my mum, the kind I haven’t had since I was sixteen. Things have been better in the last few days because I’ve got something to look forwards to and also because we’re all making an effort not to argue about stupid things.

I set off for the train in ten minutes! I’ll be in London by five thirty, I think, and then I’m going to a youth hostel. The original plan was to sleep in the airport but I knew I wouldn’t sleep much there and I have a lot of stuff to carry round with me all night, so I found a hostel that only cost £10 for the night. This way I can actually go out and enjoy my evening without carrying a suitcase, a rucksack and a carry-on bag all full of heavy stuff.

Eeeee 🙂 Even little things like packing a lunch have made me excited – it’s the first time I’ve used my lunch box collection since I came home! Also last night my boiled egg molds arrived, so I have two boiled eggs shaped like a bear and a rabbit. Childish? Maybe, but also cute.

Only problems are that of the things I ordered as Christmas presents, four of them have not arrived. They’re all extra presents for people I’ve already bought for, so it’s not too much of a problem – I’ll just give them to them after I get back, but it is a shame. I was really organised this year and started shopping in October, and have finished all but for one thing now, and still not everything is ready. Ah well. That’s the post for you.

OK time to go! I will see some of you in the next couple of weeks, and the rest I’m hoping to see in February (I’m coming to see the ballet show and the ice hockey Varsity match)!


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