Today has been pretty awesome so far. We all got up really late, and had a massive sort-of breakfast (sort of because it was twenty to two) and then Jens, Liv, Harald and I went skiing (Liv is Jens’ mother, Harald is the little brother). I have never been skiing before but it was a lot of fun and actually not as hard as I expected – maybe because it was cross-country and that’s a little like ice skating? Anyway I am now aching all over and covered in damp patches from where I fell over and couldn’t get up without help. Jens left me lying there for ages saying it was something I had to learn to do, but in the end he took pity on me. Good job really, or I would probably still be there.

Kris, Jens’ sister, and her boyfriend Tom just left for the airport as they’re flying back to Britain (Kris studies in Glasgow, Tom in Bournemouth). I would have been going with them but I managed to move my flight so I am heading back on Thursday instead, so we’re going to see the newest Narnia film tonight. Tomorrow I’m hoping we can go skating, as the weather has improved a lot and it’s hovering around -6 instead of -23 at the moment. The ice rink is outdoors so temperature is pretty important!

It seems amazing to me that people in this country can just pick up their skiis and go out and ski whenever they feel like it in the winter, instead of having to pay thousands of pounds to fly to another country and then join a huge queue of other holidayers to slide down a mountainside. On the other hand they do have to cope with the fact that there is a good two foot of snow everywhere, which is surprisingly not much of a problem. If Britain had this much snow I expect people would be having breakdowns trying to go to the supermarket, and there would be car crashes everywhere.

I’m hoping to Skype with my mum tonight. We’ve been trying every day since Christmas day but somehow we keep missing each other despite emailing about times. Maybe today will finally work out! I should also be getting a phone call from the lady in Paris tomorrow to sort out the final details and arrange meeting up, and then I will know for certain that I am going to France! It is pretty much settled already I think, but I won’t feel completely safe until I am actually there and getting stuck in.

It is currently twenty past five pm and it is pitch black outside. Sadly we’re too far south to see the Northern Lights.


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