A good week for winter sports

Yesterday we went skiing, today we went skating! At first we tried hiring skates from the little hut next to the open-air rink (a wonderful idea, new to me, where you don’t have to pay to go on the ice and can stay on as long as you like) but they were really dreadful skates, it was like trying to skate on spoons. They were sufficiently bad that we went off to find a sports shop and I bought some new skates – my old ones which were actually pretty new have gone missing somewhere – and got them sharpened. Then I went back and skated for a while, and Jens sat and drank tea and read about philosophy. Then we had to run like mad for the train, which we caught by ten seconds (and paid a staggering £11 for a thirty minute train ride).

I’m currently trying to deal with all the money I’m owed by various groups, most importantly the various flights which I need refunding. I don’t know if I have already mentioned it but when I checked to see if BA had refunded me for the cancelled flights I discovered that they had booked me inexplicably onto a flight to Munich for January 2nd. I have no objection to being given random flights in theory, but I would quite like the money back from the cancelled flights and I have no intention of going to Germany on the 2nd (I will be in London that day and then going home).

Speaking of London, final call for anyone who might be around and want to meet up, other than the people I have already arranged to meet up with! I’m going home on the evening of the 2nd now, because I’m off to Paris on the 8th, but I will be in London on the 1st to meet the Paris family so could grab coffee with people then.

Hope you’ve all had a good Christmas, have a good New Year too!


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