Photos from Norway

This post has been neatly slotted into place using the miracle of wordpress publishing dates. It’s taken me over a month to get round to sorting out my photos but here they are!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are the hotel rooms I stayed in – the fancier one is the Rathbone, the one with the enormous bed is the Holiday Inn. It is not easy to tell from the picture but the Holiday Inn bed is so large that I could lie sidways across it with my arms above my head and still not touch both sides. It was wider than it was long.

This is the frozen lake which Jens and I skated on. We had to dig through two feet of snow to reach the ice, which took longer than we ended up skating for but it was fun! Sorry for the lack of light; I did try increasing the contrast to make the picture less gloomy but this is how it really was so I decided to leave it.

Digging! It ended up about four times this size, after a lot of effort from both of us.

Putting on my skates ready to go. Sadly none of the action photos were any use and all the ones I took of Jens were incredibly blurry but I’m sure you can imagine the two of us swooping round on the ice. Or rather shuffling round and occasionally falling over a lump.

Also, bonus cat:

He was the fluffiest cat I have ever met! I spent a lot of my time there cutting clumps out of his fur with a pair of scissors, which he wasn’t very keen on.



Edit: I realise that the tiny ice rink and cat photos have somehow appeared in the hotel room slideshow but I can’t work out how to fix it, so I guess you get to see them twice!


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