Snow storm!

So, it’s the final day before I go to Paris and what am I doing? Am I packing the last few items? Am I looking at maps to make sure I know the train journey I’m taking? Am I reading a French dictionary?

No. I am getting angry.

I just got an email from college saying that I would have to pay this term’s tuition fees myself because Student Loans won’t pay if you leave before December 1st. I spent several days ringing Student Loans to make absolutely sure that this wasn’t the case and was assured that if you leave for medical reasons then they will pay. I wouldn’t have been able to degrade if this wasn’t the case. And suddenly now they are telling the college that this isn’t true? Time to sit on hold for three hours again.

Also it snowed in the night, and in less than ten hours we have several centimetres of snow, maybe several inches. I really hope the trains aren’t messed up – so glad I’m not flying this time because I have a feeling flights will have been cancelled again.

Grrrr. How am I going to sort out the loans thing from France? And I don’t even have enough money to pay that fee.

Later: Phew. Just rang Student Finance and actually they hadn’t even realised I wasn’t at uni (despite the fact that I rang them twice and college said they would contact them too), and are still paying the entire year’s fees. So college just need to contact them and let them know how much they need. Only three months late.

Even later: The college bill has just arrived and it includes the £30 paintwork fine I fought and had revoked last term. It is also being sorted out, but it is further evidence that the finance office just don’t communicate with other relevant people about what they’re charging us – so yes, they do just pick a number.

Grr. Also just had an odd phone call with LoveFilm’s Indian call centre, where the man I spoke to was like a sort of robot; he responded to what I said in perfect English but it was like he had a list of outcome speeches which he had to choose from. I guess he probably did. Anyway the upshot of it is that I’ve paid for three months of subscription I can’t use, because trying to cancel early and get a refund would be far too complicated. Ah well, I expect my mother can watch the complete Narnia series for me.


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