We’re living in the future

I’m writing this post using the power of free wifi! When I told my mum I’d be able to check my emails from the train station she didn’t believe me. Very exciting,

I got into London far too early; I could actually have caught the 2 o’clock Eurostar instead, or maybe got a later train into the city, but the chances are that if that had been the plan I would have missed something. Anyway I’ve been sitting chatting to Doug who was on his way to techie skiing and waiting for Stumo, who (tut tut) was running late.

I think time would have gone quickly even if I’d been on my own; this is a really interesting station. I’ve not been in the St Pancras part of it before and it’s full of posh shops and expensive-looking cafes. Like a good little traveller I brought lunch in my pretty pink lunchboxes but I’m still tempted by some of the fancy coffees, and since my train isn’t for another two and a half hours I might succumb.

Still haven’t found out how I get to the house from the train station; hopefully I’ll get an email in the next two hours. Otherwise I think I have figured it out using google translator and the French travel website but I’m not really confident that I won’t get completely lost…

Anyway, my battery is rather pathetic so I’ll leave it there for now.


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