Spontaneous Sunday

My day off, and the sun was shining! I got up not much later than I do during the week because the church I was planning to go to was a bit of a trek, but even then I managed to miss a tram by five minutes and therefore the metro by two and by the time I got to the road I thought the church was on I was already half an hour late for the service. In fact I never got there because it wasn’t on that road at all – so I wandered around and serrendipitously found a French Catholic church. I’ve never been to a Catholic service before and goodness knows my french isn’t up to understanding sermons but it was very interesting and the incense smelt lovely.

After the service finished, I got talking to the lady next to me who luckily spoke english, and she took me to another lady who knew where the Anglican church I’d been looking for in the first place was, so we all went there. The service had just finished and people were milling round so I went in and said hello to the vicar. He immediately asked me if I could sing, then introduced me to the director of music who took me off for a coffee and then down to a piano, got me to sing something I knew and sight-read something I didn’t, and somehow I’ve joined a choir.

So that was quite exciting! They rehearse on Thursday evenings which might be awkward as I work until 8pm and rehearsal starts at 7.30pm an hour away by metro but I think I can work something out, maybe go once a fortnight and (eek) drive which would be quicker.

Once all that had been sorted out I got back on the metro and had a cramped but very pretty journey up to Gard du Nord where I met up with StuMo and Doug again for lunch as they were en route home. We went to an “Irish pub” just outside the station and I had a rather raw omlette which I regretted later… there wasn’t much else I could eat, France isn’t kind to vegetarians although much better than I remember from when I was a child.

StuMo and Doug went off to get the Eurostar and I meandered home again by way of La Defense with its huge and remarkably beautiful shopping centre, heaving with people even on a Sunday which surprised me (most things are shut on Sundays, since this is still a heavily Christian country). Now it’s mid-afternoon and I’m weighing up the advantages of cooking some meals in advance for the week against staying quietly in my room against practising the music we’re singing in church next week. The family have all gone out for a walk so I’ve got the house to myself for now, which would make the first and last option easier, but I’m feeling lazy.


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