Quick update

This is just a short post because it’s well past my bedtime for a weeknight but I wanted to get some thoughts down.

I’ve been a bit up and down emotionally for the past day or so – actually I think it happened on Friday night, when I guess the gloss of it being a new place with new people wore off (and the gloss of the new exciting person in the house wore off for the family a little) and I started to be a bit lonely. There are various opportunities for meeting people, such as my language class and church and a sort of dining group thing I’m hoping to join – my application is being reviewed – but the thing I most wanted to do was join the church choir and it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen for logistical reasons. I think the reason I really wanted to go was that it felt so much like a Cambridge church with a stupidly high number of Cantabs and people on YA and people who are coming up next year. It would have been a wonderful link to home, plus the music is just beautiful and I miss singing more than I had let myself realise.

Since I got sick I’ve been terrified that it had damaged my vocal cords, to the point that I wasn’t daring to sing in case I found it had. To my immense relief I’ve discovered that I can still sing. Certainly the timbre of my voice has changed, and the choirmaster suggested that perhaps I ought to see an otorhinolaryngologist as he suspects I might have nodes on my cords (which would be a bit of a problem, but at least it is operable), but it does not hurt and I’m still in tune and I think I might even prefer the new, slightly huskier sound.

Anyway I’ve been having a bit of a misery this evening and moping about it on the Internet, but my meebo friends have helped to cheer me up and something I’ve been dithering about going to – the Soul Kitchen Supper Club – has become a definite due to their meeting on the week of my twentieth birthday being Vegetarian Bar Tapas and Monopoly night. The icing on the cake, at least for me as a lover of the ridiculous, is that one of the guests who has RSVPed as attending is Daughter One’s piano teacher! It’s just crazy how small this city is.

It’s really nice thinking that I might meet her socially because I thought she seemed lovely when we met and I was a bit saddened that the au pair-piano teacher relationship is not one that naturally blossoms into friendship. But this serendiptious coincidence seems like a sign from God that I ought to suck it up, get some courage and actually go to the thing! It’s kind of expensive, a third of a week’s wages, but only once a month and on my day off, when I feel awkward about being in the house, and the food sounds absolutely amazing.

So I’m off to bed feeling a little happier and more cheerful. Please keep your fingers crossed/pray that I will be able to be part of the choir! I’m sure it’s one of those things that will be sorted out if it’s the right thing, but I very much hope that the sorting leads to me being able to go!


Reading this, I feel “short” was hardly the right word.


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