Gotta watch that timing

There is never a good moment to ask for a favour. I don’t know if that is a common saying or just something I have said but it certainly seems to be true. This household is so busy and activity-filled that there is very rarely time to sit down and discuss something (although we have done that a few times when necessary).

Today I asked about something choir-related, expecting the answer to be no but thinking it would be worth asking anyway, and I wish I had left it until later. Not because of the reaction I got, but just because on reflection it was a bad time. But see above: there is never a good time.

Anyway, aside from my inability to sense when is a marginally better time to ask something, today has gone pretty well! I made it to church in time for choir practice this morning by running for the tram – they only come every fifteen minutes on Sundays so if I had missed it I would have been very late, and then found out I was the first there anyway. It was pretty fun although really confusing since the service is long and the service sheet doesn’t include all the singing. The lady I stood next to was helpful, showing me what we were singing next and helping me find it in the six or seven different books of music we had!

The service itself was interesting because it sort of played up to all the different types of Christianity – a bit Catholic/high church with incense, genuflection and all the altar attendants, but mostly Anglican. I don’t really know much about the differences in the branches of Christianity but it was very, very different from HT services. A bit more like the churches I went to as a child, really, although it looks astoundingly like Robinson chapel. Very odd.

I’m now about to head out to the cinema to watch Love, and Other Drugs (in English!) and generally kick around for the evening. I still haven’t sorted out a comfortable pattern for Sundays; if I’m in the house then I am liable to be asked to help out with something, which is totally fine since if I’m here I haven’t got anything else to do, but I would prefer not to be actively working – for example taking someone somewhere or picking them back up again, which would be extra hours in the same way that it is on Saturdays – because it’s Sunday and I try to keep it special. On the other hand I don’t want to refuse and just lurk in my basement room because it’d be a) rude and b) lonely. So I think the non-confrontational way is to make sure I have plenty to do during the day and avoid the issue arising!

I know it has only been two weeks but it feels like much longer. At the same time there’s so much that I’m sure will feel totally natural in about two months which currently feels completely uncertain or alien (like what is the line between working and living here? I still haven’t successfully figured that one out).

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