Did you hear the pitter-patter-thump of little feet?

No, me either.

This morning I schlepped across Paris to go skating at the Hotel de Ville, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages but putting off because it takes nearly an hour to get there. It was worth it! They had the best ice I’ve seen in a public rink anywhere except Scandanavia and actually better than some there too, and it wasn’t crowded despite being midday on a Saturday. Best of all it was free! I’m planning on taking Daughter One and Sole Son at some point (possibly Daughter Two as well although it’s a long way to make her travel and she can’t actually skate – much as I feel it is my duty to teach everyone in the world how to skate, I am a bit worried about teaching a child who asks “when you ice skate does something pull you along?” whilst keeping an eye on two other people).

Anyhoo that was pretty fun. I had been supposed to be coming back to take Daughter One somewhere but she isn’t well so it was cancelled. I got back to the house to find that its occupants had increased in number, not only because there were visitors but also because…


Yes, the three “female” rabbits have managed to produce a litter of kits. We’ve figured out which is the mother but have no idea which is the father, so we might well be looking at a further litter before that one is resolved…

Great excitment amongst the under tens, of whom there are currently five in the house.




(Much) later: the only “patter” of feet going on at the moment is the stomping of some drunken ceilidh dancing going on two floors above me. The Burns Night party is apparently a roaring success, quite literally. It’s much louder than anything I had to put up with at uni, but obviously I can’t exactly go and ask them to be quiet! On the other hand they don’t come home at 3am from Cindies every week.

I want to sleep 😦


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