Excitement all round

Baby Girl WALKED!

She took a few definite steps towards the dishwasher. Then she did it again and again (we kept picking her up and moving her back again). When her mum came in we got her to walk to her, and then Baby Girl decided enough was enough and went back to crawling. But she can walk now!

So yesterday was my birthday, something I didn’t really publicise much since it doesn’t feel very birthdayish. The family bought me a delicious apple and caramel cake, my french teacher got me a teddy bear (so cute!) and a friend from the class got me some chocolate. Otherwise it was a fairly normal Thursday; three hours of french class, lunch from the patisserie and then working for the afternoon and evening. It was lovely when they brought the cake in – there had been a bit of muffled activity in the kitchen which I was taking great care not to notice, and then everyone came into the living room singing. A bonus is that most of the children didn’t like the cake, so there is still some left today. I doubt there’ll be for much longer though, it’s so delicious…

Today my french lesson was cancelled for some reason so I’m going to sit down with the work we’ve covered so far and review it. I had considered going skating again but it is too cold to be worth the trek and anyway Daughter One and I are making crepes.

I went to check on the ticket availability for the ballet show and they seem to be selling quite quickly, so hopefully anyone who wants to come and see it with me will tell me soon so we can get seats together! I’ll go on my own if I have to but it’d be a shame not to see anyone for the one weekend I’m actually in Cambridge!

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