A Trip to the Museum

Today I met up with Anne from my french class and we went off to a museum. We were originally going to go to an exhibition about the treasures of the Medicis which I’ve been wanting to see for weeks, but I discovered it cost 13 euros which is outrageous, so we randomly picked one from the list of free museums and monuments I found on the internet.

I just love that in France, all national museums and monuments are free to EU citizens under 26. Originally it was only meant to be free to French citizens under 26 but the EU ruled that would be discriminatory which was lucky for me! In the end we went to a museum of Asian arts. I think my favourite things were the terracotta statues from the Tang dynasty – I didn’t even know there was a Tang dynasty until today.

Then we went off and had lunch and pottered round the shops looking at things we couldn’t afford, before I had to come back to pick up Daughter One and head off to her piano lesson. With getting there, getting back and waiting in between it was an extra three hours of work, which is good money-wise but rather takes up the whole afternoon. Next week I have all of Saturday off because we’re off to Brittany on Sunday! I think Anne and I are going to Montmatre to see the Moulin Rouge and various other things if she is free.

Now I’m filling some time before I go upstairs and start the evening’s babysitting. I quite enjoy babysitting because really what it boils down to is me having most of the house to myself and just checking on the baby if I hear a cry. The older children are very good about getting themselves to bed on time and the younger ones will be asleep before their parents go out. Two evenings of babysitting a week are included in my hours but they aren’t always at weekends, which is good.

An exciting parcel was waiting for me when I got back from the museum this afternoon – a birthday present from Anna! I’m now the proud owner of a Peppa Pig 2(0) today! badge and some intriguingly flavoured chocolates (most notable flavours on the list are rhubarb, which unfortunately wasn’t in the selection box, and geranium, which was and tastes… interesting).

I’ve just been daydreaming about breakfast, or specifically a peaceful, solitary breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast and a bowl of cereal eaten at leisure. This isn’t really a household where solitary breakfasts are likely, since the housekeeper arrives before I get up most mornings and at weekends I’m up and off either to a museum or to church. But I will definitely fit my dream breakfast in at some point when I’m back in England for a week. Mmmm eggs.


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