I don’t think that is a word but I like it.

Today has been an interestingly multicultural day. The church service this morning was a baptism and confirmation service with 18 (!!!) celebrants, many of whom were from the Malagashi congregation who meet at the same church. Normally the choir rehearses from 9.15 til 10.30 when the service starts and the only other people who are there are the acolytes preparing the altar. Today there were dozens of people already seated when I arrived, and by 10.05 the hall was full and the English congregation hadn’t even started arriving yet. Believe me when I say it was packed.

As a result, today was the first time I:

  • Sang in Malagashi
  • Refused communion from a Bishop (I really need to get on that baptism thing)
  • Found out that Malagashi is spoken in Madagascar and not some similiarly-named country of Malagascar
  • Saw a Chinese New Year Parade (item unconnected to previous)

The Chinese New Year parade was a lot of fun, and very noisy! There were obviously lots of Chinese children in beautiful costumes but also groups from other countries and quite a few definitely European people making up part of some of the groups. Also lots of firecrackers which made me jump the first time. Like a numpty I forgot to take my camera but I’m sure if you google Paris Nouvel An Chinois 2011 you will find something.

I managed to escape the crowds before everyone tried to cram onto the metro and went to see The King’s Speech – luckily I had bought a ticket three hours in advance because it was completely sold out, and also lucky that I arrived at the cinema three quarters of an hour early because I managed to get a front-row seat on the balcony. I love watching films in France because I get to read the French subtitles and listen to the English dialogue and feel smug because the French viewers are missing out on some of the nuances, but I am still learning grammar! Also people aren’t shy about laughing out loud when something is funny, so it feels like we’re all watching it together as a big group of friends. Some people even applauded at the end.

Then I headed home, stopping to buy some milk from a shop I had been sure would be shut but wasn’t. Now I am trying to persuade myself to do some grammar revision but probably won’t.

I’m looking forwards to being back in England in two weeks 🙂 Although I am quite sad that there are lots of people I won’t be able to see because they’re already busy. On the plus side some people are already making plans to come and visit me! The rest of you are lame.

Also: I have now booked three tickets for the ballet show, on the right-hand side of row J (seats 15-17). Those of you who hadn’t made your minds up, please book seats near there! I didn’t want to wait too long and discover there were suddenly no tickets left.


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