Many Exciting Things

Baby Girl bit me today.

But other than that, and other than the minor forgetting-the-door-keys incident this afternoon, it’s been a good day. I didn’t have to get up early, and then when I did get up it was a lovely sunny day and I spent a lot of it walking across the beautiful bridge with a collection of children. All of the children had appointments at the hospital (relating to a family-wide health disaster back in December, which luckily didn’t have too many ill effects) so it was a logistical campaign involving all available adults to get them all from various schools to the hospital for their varyingly-timed appointments without anyone missing the entire day of lessons or being too exhausted.

The forgotten-key incident occurred while I was looking after Baby Girl and Daughter One, which actually is the best possible combination of people to be locked out of a house with. One is too young to realise anything is wrong, and the other is old enough to accept and not fuss about it. I am really cross with myself though because this is at least the second time I’ve done it (we’re getting a new key cut so that I don’t have to keep remembering to borrow someone else’s).

Anyway I found out today that not only can I go on a four-day choir tour to somewhere that is apparently really beautiful, I can also be here for at least some of the Holy Week services. I was worried about those because there is a service every day and that is obviously going to clash horribly with my working hours, but actually because there is no school it’s proved possible to move things around. I’m really pleased and grateful that my employer has made so much effort to accommodate it, I wasn’t expecting it at all.

To cap it all off, I’ve also found out that the weekend Anna is coming to visit for the Carnaval de Paris also happens to be a weekend the family are all going to visit friends, so I have the whole weekend off. Lucky coincidence or what?!

Tomorrow I’m off to open a bank account, finally, and maybe go to the Rodin museum. I spent most of last week sitting in my room so I’m making more effort to do things this week before we go off to Brittany for what is likely to be an exhausting beach holiday.


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