Another Museum – Musee Rodin

I’m on a museum kick at the moment because several exhibitions I want to see seem to be ending either this week or during the next two weeks when I won’t be here, so today I went to the Musee Rodin.

Actually, it would be more accurate to say I flitted into the Henry Moore exhibition at the Musee Rodin: after I had queued to join the queue to be security screened before joining the queue for tickets, I only had twenty minutes until I had to be back on the metro. Not really ideal.

However, it was long enough for me to realise that I like Henry Moore’s sculptures, particularly the family groups and the reclining figures, so I bought the exhibition catalogue on the way out. I’ll be going back some time to see the Rodin permanent collection, as I’ve heard it is wonderful, but Henry Moore will be shutting up shop and returning to London (not actually him, obviously, he’s been dead for decades) in less than a fortnight, making today my last real chance to visit.

On Saturday I’m planning on going to the Musee Maillol, which is the one that I didn’t go to last week because it cost too much. I’ve now discovered that possessing a ticket from the Musee Rodin (which was free, although the HM exhibition had an entry fee) makes Musee Maillol cheaper for some reason, so I decided it was worth the lower price.

What with buying the catalogue, and the cost of the ticket to Musee Maillol, and also the cost of a ticket to see Black Swan on Saturday evening if I decide to go, I have worked out that I have exactly 45 cents to spare this week. I’m trying to save half of each week’s pay, although last week that didn’t work out since I bought my cinema pass, and this morning I opened a bank account and immediately deposited half of last week’s money. It’s a great way to make sure I don’t overspend, since I don’t have any way of getting that money out again for three weeks – my bank card will be ready next week, but I’ll be away for two weeks then.

Anyway, the Henry Moore exhibition. It was really interesting. I’ve never been a huge fan of museums, although I still go to lots of them. Somehow I’ve never quite seen the point, but I guess having heard of Henry Moore and seen one of his statues (and most of you will have too – there’s one outside the Fitzwilliam for a start, the weird white thing) helped me there.

Family Group, Henry Moore. Image taken from *

His sketches were intriguing because half of them don’t look like anything at all but then when you see the plaster model of the statue he eventually made, it’s possible to track the progress from the pencil drawings. There were also some great drawings in their own right. Especially I liked the sketches relating to air raid shelters in the London tube stations, they are really evocative without being particularly detailed or realistic.

I’ve been making a start on some projects on things which have sparked my interest while I’m here. There’s one on the Tang dynasty terracotta, one on the Medicis (yet to be started but I’m optimistic about Saturday’s museum visit), and now one on Henry Moore. I might try making a plaster model of my own. I did actually make a family group of my own as a school art project. It’s probably smashed to dust in my dad’s house by now, but from what I can remember of it, it was a bit Moore-ish. Totally coincidental since I’d never even heard of him at that point, but it would be nice to try it again. I don’t know if it’s feasible while I’m here though, since four-year-old fingers will be no asset to art.

* The picture above is the final sculpture of one of Moore’s Family Groups. The working model was one of my favourites from the exhibition. The sculpture sold two years ago for more than £48,000! There goes my plan of buying a couple for my garden.


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