Almost the Holidays!

Today was the last day of the half term for the girls (poor Sole Son has another week to go, as his school is run on the British system – French schools have two weeks and he only gets one) so they were all quite hyper and excited. It was also a gloriously sunny day and warmer than it’s been for ages, which added to the general mood. I can’t say that hyperness makes it easier to herd small children but it makes it much less stressful when they’re happy rather than sad or angry.

I came to post about the man who apparently killed his twin daughters before jumping under a train, and how I just can’t imagine how anyone can get to that point. I realise that he is thought to have had mental health issues, and that everyone is different etc etc, but I was thinking today how much I love the children here – particularly Baby Girl when she’s just woken up from a nap (sleepy baby is the best smell ever, they should make it into a perfume) – and how I would take a bullet for any one of them. If six weeks of 30 hours of caring for them can make me feel like that, then surely parents who are part of their lives must feel something of the same?

Anyway, I decided I didn’t want to get into that and now I have gone and written about it! Ah well.

Back to the fact that it’s now the holidays. We go to the family’s summer house on Sunday for a “full-on” holiday with the female family members, sans little female doggy who is too old and small to appreciate the beach. It will certainly be interesting travelling for six hours in a car containing four children…

I’m actually looking forwards to it, even though I’ve been told several times that it’s very “full-on” (not quite sure what this means) and that I will need to muck in with things. I’ve got no objection to mucking in with things, and I’m sure it’ll be fine. I can’t wait to take the little ones swimming, it was one of the best things about my time au pairing in Germany. In that family the youngest child was 4 and fostered, and it was the first time she had seen the ocean. It was an incredible moment when we reached the beach and she realised that you couldn’t see the other side of the “big water”.

I digress again, although actually I’m not sure I ever had a point to digress from!

I am about to buy a Kindle 🙂 Despite Zofia’s attempt to convince me that it is a terrible idea, I am excited about being able to finally read as much as I want to without having to pay masses of money and break my back carrying books around the globe. I can read ALL THE BOOKS!

Add: While I’m randomly posting things without a discernible connection, here is a link to an article which really hit home with me, especially the final graph. Why is that the case? That shouldn’t be the case. How can we make that not be the case?


2 thoughts on “Almost the Holidays!

  1. Have a Kindle – suggest the 3G one. Yes, an extra £50, but unlimited free internet access wherever is nice, as is deciding on the train to buy a guidebook for wherever you’re going…

    Many good free books too

    • I got the wifi one because it was cheaper and I don’t really need internet access everywhere. Also the only place where I don’t have wifi, I also don’t have 3G so it wouldn’t really help.

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