Going HOME

Only for a week though, and by HOME I mean England. I need to leave the house in about an hour and a half and I haven’t packed or even got dressed yet. It shouldn’t take long though.

We got back from Brittany at about 5pm last night and it was all systems go for a while because the bags needed to be repacked for the skiing holiday the family set out on this morning. The children were all very hyper, particularly since they were all reunited after a week where Sole Son was stuck at school. I pottered around helping out here and there, and then intended to go to bed nice and early but didn’t. Ah well. There was a lot of internet to catch up on (over three hundred emails. Really? Really?) and I’ll be leaving my laptop here when I go.

So. Brittany was great, although we never did get to swim – too cold. On Thursday we went down to the beach again and met up with another family with two children of similar ages to our youngest two, which was fun. Baby Girl had a fantastic time splashing around in the shallow water and digging the sand and the other girls made sand castles and sand bakeries. It was interesting to compare Baby Girl’s behaviour to that of the Similarly-Aged Boy Baby of the other family: he mostly just sat and looked into the distance, whilst she played and toddled and made squeaky noises. I think they’re about six weeks apart in age but several months apart in development so far. Perhaps having so many older siblings has hastened her development? I don’t know enough about it to theorise.

Right, I have nothing in particular to say so I’m going to go and pack. See some of you on Friday! Tea party, ballet, bar, brunch, lunch, do it.


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