Dear old Blighty

It feels very odd to be back at my mum’s house. France doesn’t feel quite real from here, although I’m fairly sure that on Sunday I’ll be reflecting on the unreality of England!

I had a flying visit to my dad’s, Saturday evening to Tuesday morning, and now I’m about to complete a flying visit to mum’s, before an even more flying visit to Cambridge tomorrow for ONE NIGHT ONLY. I’m quite excited about seeing everyone – and more than a little scared that no one will bother meeting up with me. Such is the anxiety quitting the bubble causes, people!

It’s nice being home, it’s like getting into a comfortable bed with a big soft duvet and knowing you don’t have to get up early the next morning. Except of course I do have to get up early tomorrow to get my train, but that’s not the point. It’s nice not being surrounded by children, just for a little while – although today a girl who I guess is somehow my niece or something (the daughter of the son of the sister of the husband of my mum) came for lunch, and she is five. It was interesting to compare her to Daughter Two and Three; she is exactly in the middle of them agewise and I would say also about in the middle in terms of development, although she seemed a lot shyer.

The main thing that has happened this week is that I have got my Kindle! There’s no wifi at my mum’s so I’ve been transferring books onto it via USB and some of the functions don’t work, but it’s still a wonder to behold. I’ve got about forty books now; finished four or five in two days and started on several more. It’s mostly classics because they’re free – which is helpful since I’ve been wanting to read more classics and fewer Maeve Binchys. Much as I like Maeve Binchy.

My least favourite thing about coming home to visit is the amount of post I have to deal with. A lot of it is just bank stuff (so much for paperless banking when they send you leaflets and “we’re making a few changes to your account” letters all the time) and Oxfam/Red Cross/Blood Donation stuff but sometimes I get scary letters about student finance. No one quite seems to know whether I have to pay my own tuition fees for Mich term 2010 or not – I left within 3 months of the start of the year, which suggests I do, but I left for reasons of illness, which some people say mean I don’t and some say I do. I am optimistically going with the latter.

On the upside I FINALLY heard back from the hospital (remember that? Back at the start of November, before I’d even left uni?) and they want me to contact them to discuss “next steps” just before I am home for a uni vacation. I’m writing to let them know that my next “vacation” will be in July so maybe we could start the paperwork now. If it takes them four months to get from the application closing date to the acceptance letters I hate to think how long CRB checks etc. will take.

This is getting rambly, I apologise. Hopefully I’ll see some of you tomorrow! Tea party attendees, bring your own cup and possible plate to Newnham plodge at 5pm and we’ll figure out where we’re going. Hopefully it’ll be fine and we can take tea in the gardens, but if not I’ll collar a Newnhamite with a large bedroom. I’m rather looking forwards to dainty sandwiches and cakes. I wish I had a tiered cake stand for the occasion.


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