Retour en France

Now that I’m back in Paris, the last week seems to have gone very quickly and as I predicted it doesn’t feel quite real. Everything is exactly as I left it in my little basement room – which is rather depressing. I had hoped the fairies would have come and done my laundry, unpacked my suitcase and so forth. Oh well.

My whirlwind visit to Cambridge was generally a success! The tea party was a lot of fun, although I’m not sure anyone actually drank any tea, and I’m really glad I got to see all of you who came. Anna and I had fun shopping for it, although we went a little bit overboard on the food… The ballet show was wonderful, and even though I wish I could have been in it I’m sort of glad I wasn’t because I got to see the whole thing! A special shout-out to my college niece Sarah, whose acting and dancing were equally great.

Then to the bar, and into a G&S singalong which made me want to audition for this year’s performance in September. Sadly, or possibly luckily, I can’t since the auditions are next weekend and I won’t be there (Skype auditioning is apparently not an option) but I hope I’ll be able to go and watch it.

Being back at the theatre was odd, because it’s something I’d already decided I had to give up long before I got ill, so it was particularly nostalgic. I’d also forgotten quite how noisy and crowded the bar gets at night. I hadn’t missed that.

Above all this week has left me wishing I had more time to visit everyone. I can’t wait until the summer when I will have, for the first time in my entire life, several months in a stretch without any real plans. Apart from two weeks in August, I’m free from the beginning of July until uni starts again. It will be lovely to have time to see my family.

Anyway it is quite late and I’m aching from carrying too many heavy bags hundreds of miles, so I’m going to clear the stuff off my bed and get some sleep before having to get up early for church tomorrow. I’m tempted not to go, except that I’ve missed two weeks already. Grr.


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