The Rabbit Saga STILL continues!

First there were babies. Then there were dead babies. And then yesterday Daughter Three’s rabbit gave birth – to a very deformed, very dead baby.

Luckily Daughter Three is much less romantic and more stoic than her sisters, and just sort of shrugged and said “she can have more babies!”. She wasn’t very pleased when we said she would have to wait a little while yet, since Rabbit Mummy does not really want to start getting pregnant right now, but she is very much set of having her own rabbit babies. I have no idea what we are going to do with all these rabbits. We now have at least nine, at last count.

Today, I wasn’t working until mid-afternoon so I got up fairly early and went swimming. I got back after swimming 30 lengths and wearing myself out, to discover that the plan for the afternoon was… to go swimming. So I went swimming again.

I really like the swimming pool here, and it is so close to the house – just up some steps, and across the road. Furthermore it is really cheap, since France has an eminently sensible policy of extending its reduced prices to people aged up to 26, rather than just up to 16 (or 12, as my dad’s local council do!). I’m planning on going once or twice every week, and might be going even more than that if I take the children. It’s not really feasible to try and swim lengths with the kids around though, since they need watching and supporting.

Not much else to add except that my stepdad’s granddaughter has had a baby! I can’t quite figure out what relation to me he is, but nonetheless I have a baby boy relative!


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