The Final Rabbit Installment, probably

Today, Daughter One’s male rabbit got the snip. Providing we get rid of the babies before they reach puberty, that ought to be the end of the rabbit farm in the back garden.

I got an email today from my college’s lovely Halls officer, who I had contacted when I found out by chance that I was not on this year’s room ballot. For those of you not familiar with this concept, the room ballot is the way rooms are assigned for the next academic year. Second years entering third year choose first (that is my year, although I am no longer in it so I wasn’t sure if I’d be in this ballot), in the reverse of the order they picked in last year. First years entering second year choose next, having been randomly placed into an order. Then new students entering first year are assigned rooms.

When I was in first year, I chose my room for this year very carefully after a lot of thought and a lot of room hunting. I got what for me was the perfect room – a bit small, but with a big windowseat overlooking the library courtyard, a fridge, a sink, and a nice shape to the room. It was right next to the kitchen, not far from the main entrance, close to the library, quiet, near some nice showers, and had a really nice girl who cleaned the corridor (lucky bonus, I didn’t know this in advance).

Since I only got about four weeks in this room, I was hoping to get it again next year. It seemed probable, since no one else would have moved into the room and therefore be squatting (you can choose not to change rooms, which was what I was going to do), and no one would be able to view it anyway since I wouldn’t be in it to let them in.

Turns out that because I left college this year, I have been bumped off the ballot entirely. After the whole of my old year, and the whole of my new year, have chosen their rooms, the housekeeping department will bung me in with the incoming first years and randomly assign me a room.

It might be in the hideous 1960s block which I am very thankful I avoided in my first year – plenty of people like it but I want to live somewhere OLD. It might be in the building furthest away from everything, which I lived in during first year. It is likely to be without sink, and almost certainly will be without fridge. I won’t have any choice in the matter at all.

So I am moving out. I’ve been looking at flats in the area and thanks to the ridiculous rents which all the university colleges seem to charge, it is actually cheaper to move out anyway. I have lots of my own furniture in storage, and I have been itching to live independently for years, so this may even be a blessing in disguise. I’ll have to wait until June or thereabouts to see what is available then.

It just annoys me that I seem to be under assault from all sides. I did not choose to get so ill that I had to leave! It wasn’t my fault! Why am I being punished for it? I still haven’t had it confirmed that I don’t have to pay this year’s tuition out of my own pocket, I’m still wrestling with college over fines and bills, I can’t even say for sure that they’ll let me go back at all.

Anyway. If I can make this moving-out thing work, I’ll have far less hassle with college. And I can put up my own sodding pictures without getting charged £1 for every piece of blutak! I can have my own furniture! I can have A TABLE IN MY ROOM instead of having to eat dinner sitting on the bed! It will be amazing.


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