Can’t get anything past her

Daughter Two: “Look! A mummy labradog and a baby labradog who is sucking her nipples!”

This afternoon I took Baby Girl on the tram! Only one stop to the main part of the town, where we went to a little park for a bit and then came back on the tram. But it was quite exciting. I’ve been gradually making our trips more elaborate as I gain confidence; in a month or so I expect we’ll be spending our afternoons in Lille.

Just kidding.

It’s been quite a quiet week because my French teacher is on holiday, so I’ve been in the house a lot doing some shorthand and reading and sleeping. Tomorrow I’m going to venture out for a french lesson with a different teacher (I was meant to meet him/her last week but I woke up ill so had to cancel) with my friend Anne.

Spring seems to have sprung in Paris, it’s great! The sun has been shining a lot more and it’s been almost too warm some days – nearly warm enough to take your coat off!

I met up with Becky from college today; she’s here doing some work experience with a law firm in the middle of her year abroad, and she leaves on Saturday so I went to where she works and we went to a little cafe nearby. It was really nice to catch up and talk about people we both know! Weirdly when we go back to uni, she will be replacing me in third year and I will be replacing a girl called Jacqueline who is a year-abroad student in the first year. Equilibrium maintained!


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