What goes around, gets about

Someone observed to me lately that I have been getting sick quite a lot lately. It’s true, I’ve noticed it myself (oh boy, have I noticed it).

I had put it down to my weakened immune system, which is certainly a factor since invariably any illness I get begins in my tonsils. But at church on Sunday one of the very few men in the choir mentioned that he had been ill a lot too, and posited that it might be due to the Metro.

He’s got a point. We all travel a lot, pressing the same buttons and holding onto the same bars. It’s inevitable that an illness will rapidly sweep across the city via the comprehensive public transport system. But I think in my case it’s also exacerbated by being surrounded by children who all go to different schools. If there’s a cold going round Daughter One’s school, then within a few days those germs will have made their way into both Sole Son’s, and Daughters Two and Three’s schools. And my lymphatic system.

This weekend the routine was a little altered due to The Mother’s trip away, so the children got rather less sleep that usual. The Housekeeper and I tried to make up for it by giving Baby Girl extra-long naps and getting all the children off to bed early last night and tonight, but it was too late. Baby Girl is a veritable factory of mucus and sounds rather like a snuffling boar when she sleeps. Daughter Two is coughing little coughs. Daughter Three’s finger has to be redirected towards the tissue box at least twenty times a day. Sole Son has an irritating itch which is probably unconnected to the cold epidemic but is nonetheless uncomfortable for him. I am trying hard to get extra sleep in order to placate my swollen tonsils and aching ears.

And on that note, I’m off to bed, hopefully not to dream of today’s adventure.


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