It’s not just teenagers

Daughter Two says “like”.

She says “like” a lot.

I think she believes it means “since” or “because”. To my knowledge, this isn’t a bilingual issue (unlike some of her siblings’ verbal characteristics, such as Daughter One’s “it’s real” for “it’s true” and Daughter Three’s “anybody” for “nobody”). She just uses the wrong word, and I admit it grates on me a little. She’s smart, and it makes her sound stupid.

“Like it’s Wednesday, we don’t have school this afternoon”.

I’m not quite sure how you would fix something like this, other than by directly pointing it out and correcting it. She’ll probably just figure it out for herself when she learns some alternative, more interesting words. And that’s despite her announcement that she knows “all the words already” (I don’t usually laugh at the children to their faces but I admit I did then).


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