“May, how old are youfour.” This is Daughter Three’s favourite joke, repeated without the slightest breath between the last two words. She knows perfectly well that I’m twenty, and that four is how old she is – but she also knows it gets a giggle every time (she is still too young to detect the note of long-suffering patience that has begun to infiltrate).

But actually she’s not far off! I’ve been talking to my mum about how we’re going to make it work with me being back home, as I’ve never lived there for as long as five months except during term times when I was at college and working full time. Hopefully I’ll be working a couple of days a week but the rest of the time will be devoted to getting better ready for uni and Real Life.

A big part of that is what in relation to toddlers I would call sleep training (because that is what it is called). Setting a fixed bedtime, a period of wind-down before that bedtime, and allowing a sufficient number of hours before getting back up again. At the moment my sleep cycle naturally falls between midnight and midday, which is rather inconvenient.

Most of the issue for me comes down to using the internet too late – for some reason I don’t consider day time on the computer “real computer time” so I invariably log back in after I finish work each evening… and stay around til after midnight sometimes. So starting when I get back home, I’ll be off by 9pm. If I seem to disappear a bit, that’s why! No more late night Skyping for me 😦


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