In the last week I have had 19 views referred from links in the Czech Republic

I have no idea why that is. Perhaps Czech people really like blogs?

Today was the last day I actually worked, and it ended rather anti-climactically (is that a word?). We had all the kids bathed, changed, fed and coralled in the living room by ten past seven, at which point I came downstairs to pack and get ready for going away tomorrow. The family are now not going on holiday as early as they planned, so they will be here to say goodbye when I leave for good next Monday.

It’s the Easter holidays this week and next, so the older girls have been going to a ballet class and Sole Son has been at a tennis class. The youngest two have been at home doing arts and crafts and running around and having a lot of fun, it’s been nice. Daughter Three and I did some coffee filter art, although ours were the pre-formed kind so they weren’t round and couldn’t be made into flowers at the end. The others all made one or two when they came home from their activities, but Daughter Three went for it in a big way and there are stacks of them lying in the playroom waiting for something exciting to happen to them.

This morning a friend from Daughter Two and Three’s school came round for a playdate, dropped off by all three of her older sisters and her mum, so for a while there were seven small girls running around the garden. I chatted with their mum, first in French and then when we hit my vocabulary limits we moved into English. It took at least five minutes though! I was quite pleased. She is Peruvian, which by my reckoning makes her at least tri-lingual. Rather jealous.

I have been writing this post for over half an hour, so I’m going to leave it here – I’m getting up fairly early tomorrow as I have to be at the pick-up point for the tour by 8.30am. See you all on Sunday! Well, blog at you all on Sunday, that is.


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