Heading Home (again)

Well, I’m back from the south of France and about to set off for England. I haven’t packed yet, but I’m being optimistic about my chances of fitting everything in, because frankly I have to.

St Jean de Luz was lovely! It was a ten hour drive to get there, which included a relaxed two-hour lunch and a couple of stops to stretch our legs, and it whizzed past. I was travelling with three other girls around my age and we were being driven all the way by the wonderful Emma, who put up with us talking incessantly and singing awful pop songs and generally being extremely hyper for ten hours.

It was very odd when we arrived (to fabulous weather, amazing scenery and a beach at the bottom of the road) because two people had been drafted in to help out and they turned out to be Oskar and Catherine, who I met doing the Footlights Panto. It is a very small world indeed.

Anyway I won’t tell you every single detail but it was great fun, especially since the seven of us who were under 25 stayed in a flat together and did our own thing – mostly eating ice cream and giggling. The concerts were good, and surprisingly well attended considering how remote the churches were: one was closed off with crash barriers and you had to be quite determined in order to get in.

Then I drove back in a different car, with the Shaws who I stayed with on Saturday night. Sunday was Palm Sunday, with a procession and privet branches (there’s a lack of palm trees in Paris) and then in the afternoon, a party with lots of opera students who sang around the piano for about six hours.

And now I have just said goodbye to all the children and their mother, who are off on holiday – their dad is staying to work for another couple of days. There’s no way I can put it off any longer. The packing must happen.


One thought on “Heading Home (again)

  1. Amazing coincidence. Hope you cope OK with packing – sure it’s somewhat bitter sweet. But life goes on, and the next adventure will come along soon enough

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