Exciting August Plans!

One of my resolutions when I decided to come back home again was not to go gallivanting off anywhere exotic over the next five months. I’ve already talked myself out of teaching in China and volunteering in Nepal, so it’s going well so far. The idea of five months in the Welsh borders is a little daunting but assuming I start working fairly soon, and with church and maybe volunteering once a week at a youth club or something, life won’t be too dull.

However! I do have two exciting things planned for August – I’m stewarding at Whitby Folk Week, which I’ve been to almost every year of my life, and I’m going on a canal boat cruise with some of my Internet friends! I’m pretty excited about both of those things.

Yesterday I went to the Maundy Thursday service at the church in town, which was reassuringly similar to the church I went to in Paris (except without the incense). I spoke to the lady who was giving out the service booklets and she gave me a leaflet about joining the choir, and at the end of the service the organist came up to me and asked me to come for a voice test at the end of the Sunday service. As it turns out I don’t think I’ll be able to go to the Sunday service because my aunt is coming to visit, but hopefully the following week I can be there and sing for her. It would be nice to be in a choir here, especially since almost all my friends from when I was at college here are now off at university and not really around much.

Today I have to finish unpacking and clean up the room I’m staying in (the office – what is usually my room is technically the guest room). I’ve also discovered the glory of the Open University free online courses, so I’m working my way through an introductory level unit on caring for newborn babies. There’s also a creative writing one I’m interested in. Zofia, if you haven’t discovered this wonder you should go look right now!


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