Planning a Trip to the Library

On Wednesday I have an appointment with a doctor at the eye-wateringly early time of 8.10am. My mum will be dropping me off, but to get back I’ll have to rely on the buses – and the first one is at 1.30pm.

So I’ll have a few hours to spend in town. The plan so far is to go to the library! Our local library has been recently modernised and is quite impressive considering the size of the town – it has a great children’s section, a special local history & ancestry research area, conference facilities, a vending machine selling hot chocolate, lots of computers, a teen area with squishy chairs and terrible trashy novels, a fairly good fiction section and a large reference section.

Reading corner in my local library

The last area is the one I’m interested in. I’m after a book on beginners’ quilting, because I bought a whole load of fabric back in December and haven’t touched it yet, and a book or two on the Medici family. I might also get some cookbooks, if there are any that look interesting. And I’ll be picking up some information on the book club, which runs the first Wednesday of every month (which is, yes, this Wednesday – but I doubt I’ll be able to read the entire novel before 4.30 so I’ll have to give it a miss this month).

While I’m there I’ll probably spend a few more hours working on my current Open University unit, which is about child development and psychological theories of learning. It’s reminding me a lot of studying sociology at A level – our teachers left within a term of each other and the replacement teacher, who became and still is a friend of mine, wasn’t actually qualified in Sociology so we had to do a lot of independent study. I rather miss our free periods in our little office (yes, my friends and I had our own office. I’ll tell you about it some other time).

I’m quite excited, which I suppose provides further proof to the theory that your expectations shrink to suit what’s available. Today’s exciting high point, apart from the successful cabbage bake I cooked for tea, was visiting a plant nursery and meeting a friendly cat.


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