Snap Decisions

The Gilbert and Sullivan society is having a reunion dinner for the Minack people from last summer, and I have decided to go! I said it was a snap decision but actually I dithered for ages, and in the end it was StuMo’s helpful investigating and discovering that it’s £20 cheaper to split the tickets at Birmingham that made me decide it was worth it. Eee!

We’ve spent the morning emptying the office/spare room of its furniture and knicknacks ready for the decorator, who arrives tomorrow for a two-week painting stint. Almost everything has been moved into my room, which is rather cramped now… It’s very odd seeing the room almost empty (except for the computer desks, a wardrobe and a set of bunk beds which are too big to move out).

Nothing much exciting is happening today. I managed to convince myself that my rice cooker would have arrived today, but the postman came and went and it didn’t arrive. Oh well. What’re the chances it’ll come tomorrow when I’m out for most of the day and not here to play with it?


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