The wait is over!

My rice cooker arrived!

The box was HUGE. It was almost the width of our kitchen table – big enough for a large printer to fit comfortably. I was a trifle worried that the cooker would be too heavy to lift – but all was ok. The box had to be that big to accommodate the several feet of brown paper that was wrapped in a long, long, long snake around the side. I spent more than ten minutes ripping it into arm-length pieces for the recycling. It was a lot of brown paper.

Anyway, it has arrived! Seredipitously we were having left-over curry tonight, so I made a batch of brown rice in it. It was certainly rice. Next time I’ll put a bit more water in; I had to estimate as the quantities aren’t given for all weights of rice, but it was fine. Super easy to clean!

The recipe book is awesome too, with 42 recipes and almost all of them vegetarian and delicious-sounding. Definitely going to be trying out some of those!

This morning I went to the doctor and nothing surprising occurred. He checked various things like my liver, my lungs, my kidneys, my stomach (every time I have been to the doctor in the last eighteen months they have wanted to look at my stomach – should I be alarmed?) and then scheduled me for some fasting blood tests in two weeks. I’ve never done that before; not sure how I’ll cope without breakfast! But luckily the appointment is at 8.20am so it won’t be too bad.

Afterwards I pottered round town for a bit looking at all the shops which had closed, opened, changed hands or moved (almost all of them) and marvelling at the number of coffee shops, and then when the library opened I went there and sat for three hours reading next month’s reading group book. Then I wended my way to the bus station and ate my lunch, and then I came home. Not very exciting but a nice change from doing exactly the same things in the house. And of course the house smells of paint at the moment. I think the fumes might have been getting to me a bit earlier – I spent fifteen minutes repeating the word “ploy” and giggling to myself.

Oh and the final thing of note is that the CRB check forms finally arrived from the hopsital last night, so I filled them in and sent them back today. I also filled out a form for volunteering at the children’s hospice, so it’s quite possible that I’ll be suddenly busy in a week or two (CRB checks are happening quite fast at the moment, I’m told).

Next thing to look forwards to: the Royal Wedding! Hats galore! Pretty dresses! Amusing costumes! Slightly disturbing cardboard masks of the Royal Family! Alarmingly rain-scattered weather forecast! Wait, that last one isn’t a good thing.


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