New clothes!

I hate clothes shopping. Hate it, hate it, hate it (unless it’s for socks, which are cute and also don’t need to be tried on).

But I like having new clothes! It is a conundrum which is largely solved by the miracle of ASOS. Last week I ordered four dresses so that I’d have a selection to choose from (and also because you get free next working day delivery for orders over £100 and a free return and refund if you don’t like them). Today they arrived! I chose a brown summery dress with thin straps and a nice swishy skirt. I’ll be wearing it to the dinner on Friday (partly because all my other dresses are in storage… along with all my heels, which might be an issue).

What else have I been doing? Well I watched the Royal Wedding and admired the pretty hats (and the not so pretty hats: Princess Beatrice, what were you thinking?! You looked like a macrame moose), I helped move a load of furniture around for the decorator, I weeded an onion patch, I cooked some meals in my slow cooker. Life is not really a hotbed of excitement here but it’s usually pleasant.

Oh, apart from the fact that I’m back to thinking I might be lactose intolerant, despite what the doctor says about my blood tests being clear. All I know is that I had a hot chocolate today and two hours later I was in agony. Back to just drinking water, I guess.


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