Interesting things are starting to happen

It takes a while for things to get going around here – at my college people used to talk about “Border time”: it was acceptable to wander into class five minutes late, no one hurries, shops open at 10, paperwork takes six months to arrive…

This week, things finally started to happen! Yesterday I went into the hospital for the day, not to do paid work but to volunteer as a medical secretary (bet you didn’t know that was possible – hurrah for the NHS and the Big Society, I’m doing a job for free because they can’t afford to pay me) and get myself known in the optimistic theory that when they do discover a little pot of money, my name will be at the top of the list. I actually really enjoyed it, particularly the audio typing. I always knew my 90wpm typing speed would come in handy.

Today I didn’t go in because I had a hairdressers appointment and there was no way for me to get to the hospital after it, but I’ll be in tomorrow and probably every day this and next week too. At some point I’m going to go and sign up at a recruitment agency because the chances are I’ll be waiting til mid-July before they start paying me at the hospital.

The Minack dinner was a lot of fun on Friday night. Not everyone was there but it was great to see the people who were, most of whom I haven’t seen since the show in September. On the journey down to Cambridge I met three people I used to work with, and Ellis who was in the Minack band and heading to the same dinner. We met up with two more band-type people in Cambridge and the four of us, plus Anna when she was freed from her supervision, went punting. It seems that steering a punt is not going to be my calling in life.

After the dinner we all rampaged our way up to the theatre and sang through the entire show, with the entire company singing in for the leads who weren’t there. It’s made me nostalgic for September, and eager for the DVD StuMo claims he will make eventually.

On Saturday morning I ran into Beth who was on the ice hockey team last year, who I haven’t seen for ages! She hadn’t even realised I had left, which shows how useless I’ve been at keeping in touch. Then I saw Zofia and Mabel before jumping back on the train for another five hour gallivant. I was in Cam for less than 24 hours but it was fun! Sorry to everyone who I didn’t tell about this visit, there wasn’t really time to see anyone else.

The next time I’m down south will probably be July, when I’m hoping to go to graduation, see the doctor, audition for a choral scholarship and view some flats, all at the same time. I have my doubts about the choral scholarship, because I’ve never had singing lessons and haven’t got a very choral voice, but I’ll miss choral singing when I go back (my uni church sings worship songs rather than sacred music) so it’s worth a try.

Now I’m off to fill in the afternoon usefully, probably by watching bad television and re-reading Maeve Binchy novels. And making mushroom risotto. I like mushroom risotto.

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