A Virtual Visit

In the spirit of all true home bloggers, and also because none of you have come to visit me yet, and maybe a little bit because I like taking photos and haven’t been able to for the last three months, I thought I’d do a photographic tour of my room.

Strictly speaking, it isn’t my room but the spare room in my stepdad’s house, which means that it is decorated as a spare room and has a spare bed in it as well as mine. I’ve been slowly putting my own (removable) stamp onto it though, and whilst there’s still a lot to be done I’m happy with how it’s progressing.

This is the view from my door. My bed is on the left, currently being guarded by Daniel Bear. Hard-core fans of this blog (ahem) might recognise the polar bear on the right as being the birthday gift from my French teacher, who I have called Bearnard.

Here you can see my bedside table, which holds various vital things like my Kindle and a box of tissues. Not very exciting. On the windowsill you can spot a pile of library books, kept separate to avoid accidental theft.

A closer look at my bookcase, which is about half-and-half between my books and John’s. The top shelves are mine, as you can probably tell if you can make out the titles. The bottom shelves aren’t visible in this picture but they contain a lot of dusty old classics, many of which I have a repeat copy of anyway. Hidden away in there is a special edition of The Wind in the Willows, which along with my limited edition Beatrix Potter: The Complete Tales is my prized literary possession.

The back of the bedroom door is adorned with two different dressing gowns, of varying thickness and shade of purple. The small figure was a gift from the director (and cast, I think) of The Gondoliers, and I keep trying to come up with a suitably Cornish name for her. Through the door to the right you can catch a glimpse of my en-suite, which is a luxury I will definitely miss in future.

Just to the right of the base of the door is an adorable doorstop, which comes in handy when the wind is blowing through the house and my door keeps swinging open. Also when the cats are trying to get into my room at night. I have no objection to them sleeping on my bed, but they have a tendency to want to leave again at 3am and I sleep with my door shut.

Moving further round the room we come to my mum’s old dolls’ house, which will eventually be moving to make space for my piano. In the living room there is a tiny knitted parrot finger puppet, which was in my Norwegian Advent calendar. Somehow all but one of the human figures has been lost in the move, so the little boy is leading a solitary life.

This is the bench which sits beneath my window. The larger cushions are mine, the smaller John’s. I keep meaning to use it, perhaps as a place to read, but frankly it isn’t very comfortable.

A close-up of one of the photos on the windowledge reveals a tiny May, on the beach. The enormous trainers to my side are not mine but my dad’s.

This is the far corner of the room, which currently is a bit cluttered. When the dolls’ house moves, the writing desk and the stationery organiser will move to the table and the mugs will probably go somewhere more sensible. The tea-for-one set was a gift from Anna, and the other two were gifts to myself. Leaning against the wall is a Joni Mitchell LP which I bought in America. The vase is part of my theatrical props store, and hopefully I’ll be able to afford some flowers for it soon.

So that’s my room, with a few messy spots carefully avoided… The main areas now are the dressing table to the right of the window, which is too messy to be seen (mostly with John’s ornaments, not my stuff!) and the dolls’ house table, underneath which are several boxes of mum’s stuff that still hasn’t been unpacked since we moved here in 2007. Soon I’ll be putting up the picture I got framed which will be great, it’s the first proper decorating I’ve done.

If you want to see more, you’ll have to come and visit! As you can see, I’ve got a spare bed.


2 thoughts on “A Virtual Visit

  1. Wish I could keep my room that tidy…

    Name for the Cornish figure – Not sure if it helps, but did you meet Ann Cernow, one of the Minack’s managers? Her daughter Zoe was ADC manager at some point (before my time). Anyway, I’ve always thought Cernow is probably the perfect cornish surname. Not that that helps you find a first name, but still. Perhaps Gondalina given the show?

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