Lost the Gloss

Well, unsurprisingly the novelty of working at the hospital has worn off and now I’m getting frustrated at not having a paying job. There are a lot of changes at the hospital at the moment, and all the secretarial staff (which of course doesn’t include me) were summoned to a meeting at which, amongst other things, they were told that there wouldn’t be any more work for bank staff until at least July. I’m supposed to be on the bank staff, once my CRB check finally gets done – it’s still sitting in HR with another problem apparently, I was told to come back next week and sort it – but that’s no use if they can’t give me any work for another two months.

So I’m job hunting and applying for basically anything I could do, which isn’t really much considering I’ve got no useful qualifications, no transport and experience only in supermarket work (supermarkets aren’t hiring), child care (but no qualifications) and admin work (but again no qualifications). I’m sure I’ll find something in the end but it is very frustrating.

On a more positive note I’m enjoying being in the choir. Everyone is really friendly, even the kids – it’s probably rather pathetic but I’m more nervous of being disliked by school kids than I am of adults, because kids can be so vicious. But they’re all pleasant and fun, and the adults all chat to me on an equal level. They’re mostly retirement age, apart from one guy in his thirties, so I’m between the two age groups. In June we’re singing at a choir festival which sounds quite fun, we’re going by coach and taking picnic lunches. Rather like a school trip, except no essays to write when we get back.

I keep meaning to get back in touch with the friends who used to live around here. I know some of them must still be here – three didn’t go to uni and one went and dropped out, but I’ve no idea what they’re doing now. I keep telling myself I’ll get in touch once I know what I’m doing but it’s looking increasingly as though I already do know, and the answer is nothing at all. Perhaps somewhere subconciously I’m feeling a little embarassed; after all, the last time I saw them I was off to Cambridge and the local newspaper was writing articles about me. Now I’m sitting around moping about my lack of prospects.

Plan of action: I will pull myself together, stop moping, apply for more jobs, be patient, and email my friends.


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