The Job Hunt Continues

Today was my first day in a new department whose name I can neither pronounce nor spell. I moved because I’d basically run out of work in the Spinal department, and I was a little bored and felt like moving on would be more interesting.

Hmm. Well. I arrived at 8.30 and there was someone already there, which was a good sign (otherwise I’d have been sitting on the floor until they turned up). But there wasn’t a desk for me because they’re fully staffed, so I couldn’t do any typing or anything which required a computer. I was sent off to pull some files from the sheds, which was unusually successful – I found all but three! Tracking down patient files is rather like playing Where’s Wally, except that instead of looking for Wally you’re looking for a person whose description you’ve been given in Morse code, or maybe Swedish.

Anyway. Then I got back and was given a pile of letters to fold and put into envelopes.

Don’t be deceived by that sentence. Other than the half-hour I spent in Human Resources explaining once again why there was no UK postcode on my Previous Address section (“Paris is in France. F. R. A. N. C. E. That is another country. It is not in the United Kingdom“), the half-hour of lunch break and possibly an hour or so in the filing sheds at various points, I spent all day folding letters and putting them into envelopes.

Mostly I did two in a minute, sometimes it took a full minute if the folding was complicated.

I folded letters for six and a half hours.


I am looking for a new job. One that pays me. One where I am not given the worst tasks, the ones that everyone else doesn’t want to do and therefore leaves (why were there 800 letters needing to be folded and put into envelopes in the first place? Because the secretaries didn’t do it themselves when they printed them out.) for the volunteer to deal with.

ARGH. So frustrated.

But this evening we made pizza and Matt Smith was the One Show guest and it’s sunny and there’s a kitten asleep on the sheepskin-rug-covered chair next to me, and life is looking up.

Tomorrow I’m going to the library’s reading group, which may or may not be a regular thing. They meet once a month and I won’t be able to go every month, it depends whether my mum can wait and bring me home an hour later than usual. I might not want to go every month, we’ll see.

Then on Thursday… can’t think of anything to look forwards to on Thursday in particular, but on Friday I’m not going into work because I frankly couldn’t stand four days in a row of folding letters, I think I’d get RSI for a start, and it’s choir in the evening and I’m singing at a wedding on Saturday! Normally only the children sing at weddings but I’m allowed because I “have a lot of treble” in my voice. I’ve never been to a church wedding before and I’m getting paid to go to this one!

So not all bad. And hopefully soon I’ll start hearing back from some of the jobs I’ve applied for. I’m under no illusions, it’ll likely be “no” from almost all of them, but surely one of the cleaning agencies will take me on? Crossed fingers, please!

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