Are 10000 Emails Too Many?

You don't get this problem with post

I recently had to admit to myself that my old email client, Scribe, just wasn’t working any more.

There was that time it decided it would only display the menus in Japanese, or was it Korean? Either way, neither I nor my computer could read it.

There was that other time when it irreversibly crashed every time I got an email from eBay, necessitating a fumbled edit of the inbox file to try and save the other emails.

There were all those times when it decided to download a second copy of every single email in my inbox, no matter how many times I tried to stop it.

And then, finally, there was the time when it claimed to have failed to send an email four times in a row, before returning a read receipt on the first version. Of a job application. That’s one job I won’t be getting.

So I gave up, and installed Mozilla Thunderbird on the advice of some very earnest technology fans on a web forum. I was so pleased with it that I took the extremely drastic step of allowing it to not only manage my personal email account, but also my university account, which for the last two years I’ve been accessing via my web browser.

And that’s where my difficulties have begun. Configuring the account was easy, thanks to some step-by-step instructions on the uni website. This is simple! I thought. Why didn’t I do this years ago?!

Why not indeed. For the last two years I have been allowing my email to simply sit in my inbox, quietly multiplying at an astounding rate. Ever so often I would go on a purge, deleting all the spam and all the circulars, but mostly I just let it mount up.

At the moment, Thunderbird’s status bar is telling me “Downloading 316 of 7610 in Inbox”. That’s after I told it to delete all the emails received in 2009, all the emails received up until October 2010, all the emails containing the menu for the college canteen, all the emails from the jobs alert website that I signed up to in a moment of folly and have been unable to unsubscribe from… you get the idea.

I hadn’t really appreciated quite how much email I got until I had to wait for it all to arrive in one go.


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