There’s a Weird Green Bug on the Window

He obligingly stayed on the window until I'd taken the photo, then left

I’m still trying to find work, without much progress, although I did get a response from the cleaning agency when I emailed to ask what was happening: she’s been on holiday and I should have an interview very soon. So that’s good!

As well as weird bugs hanging out on the window, we’ve also got some new tenants in the field next to the house. For context, our house is a bit like those houses children draw: two windows on each floor and a door in the middle, although the porch stuck onto the front right-hand side usually doesn’t make it into toddler art. To the left of the house as you’re facing it is the road, and over the road is the orchard and vegetable patch which fills up most of my mum’s spare time and also fills the freezers. To the right is a field which comes with the house. It’s very, very steep and completely useless for crops (most of the farming in this area is livestock), so the farmer who rents the field uses it for sheep.

The one on the far right is my favourite

Our living room has French windows that look out onto the field, and when we’re sitting in there in the evenings watching TV, the sheep come to the fence and peer through at us. Sometimes they seem to be actually watching the television with us, which I suppose isn’t all that wild an idea – if all I had for entertainment was grass and a manky bath full of dirty water, I’d probably be snooping on other people’s TV as well. Last night I was looking at the sheep looking at us, and noticed that at the base of the fence a tiny frog was trying to climb over the gate. He was clinging to the bar with his front legs, and scrabbling with his back legs. I have no idea why he didn’t just go underneath the gate. In the end he just gave up and sat down on the step for a while.

I'm finally happy with this corner

All this free time has meant that my bedroom is the tidiest it has ever been (and probably ever will be again). I’ve sorted out the corner I wouldn’t photograph last time and moved some things from the other corner of the room onto my chest of drawers. My bluebird print by Tamara Garvey is up; I bought it to cheer up my room in Paris but it looks perfect in this room too, and hopefully it will look lovely wherever I end up next year as well. You can’t see it properly thanks to the reflection of the mirror but you can see it in her Etsy shop, and actually buy your own if you want to. The frame cost about five times what the print cost. Oh well.

That tiny pink blob that’s in front of the Joni Mitchell LP is a tiny paper lantern which the six year old in Paris bought and gave to me. It doesn’t really go anywhere but I like to keep it around. The ladybird card is from my dad’s partner and contained a train ticket to go and visit them next month 🙂



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