Summer Weather is Over

Well, looks like Tuesday was about all the sunshine we’re going to get. It’s been grey and drizzly ever since, with a few patches of blue sky in the early morning. Maybe it’ll get nice in September this year.

On Thursday I was at the children’s hospice again but I walked into town afterwards to get some money out, and then got the bus back. It’s about the same amount of walking in total, since the bus doesn’t come up the hill, but I had to get some cash for the weekend and there’s no cash point in our village.

Rather stupidly I caught the bus at 3.20, which is the bus that all the local school children catch so it was noisy and very full. The kids sitting behind me kept whispering “who’s that girl in front?” and eventually started poking me and pulling my hair, which of course is the accepted behaviour when you meet a stranger. I ignored them for as long as possible but they started to actually hurt so I turned round and told them to stop. They were rather shocked to discover that I wasn’t actually someone from their school but a “grown-up”, although I noticed no one apologised for the hair pulling… One of the girls asked me what the Pied Piper was (I was wearing my panto hoodie), which made me rather sad. Why don’t schools teach obscure German fairytales any more?

Anyway, on the way into town that afternoon I’d got a phone call from one of the jobs I’ve applied to, and they wanted to interview me on Friday morning. I explained that I had to be in town on Friday afternoon for another interview (a volunteer role) and it was awkward to come in twice, so he agreed to see me in the afternoon. In the event the volunteer interview was cancelled, so I could have gone in the morning after all. It’s a good job it was cancelled because I’d been planning to go straight from one to the other with ten minutes to spare. It was supposed to be a 20 minute walk, but it took me an hour. I wasn’t late, but it was close!

The interview went well, I think. It was for administrative support for 12 weeks in the office of a cold storage transport warehouse place where they mostly ship out raw meat and other frozen foods. The man interviewing me wanted to make sure that I’d be alright with the fact that there’s sometimes blood on the warehouse floor and that you can smell the meat. I was actually fine; it was interesting to hear about the process that meat goes through to be packed and processed – it has to get down to below -24 degrees within 3 days of being slaughtered, so there are some huge freezers which bring the temperature down (and up again) safely. I’d never really thought about that kind of thing before.

Not sure if I actually want the job, because the hours are 6am-2pm five days a week. It would be good money and I wouldn’t turn it down if they offer it to me, but the early start combined with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to take the three weeks off that I’ve planned means that I’d really prefer to get a couple of part time jobs. If I’m working one day in one place, two days in a couple of other places, then it’s full time hours but not as much of a problem to take off a couple of weeks. But we’ll see. If I have to miss Whitby Folk Festival or the choir course then I’ll just have to cope. I’m not prepared to miss going to Scotland to see my granny though.

This weekend I’m on my own because mum and John have gone to London, so I’ve been walking a lot and getting lifts from people in the choir to get me to and from church. I quite like having the house to myself sometimes, and doing things on my own timetable. I don’t actually do things all that much differently to usual, but it just feels different.

Tomorrow morning I’ve got another job interview, this time the cleaning agency and they’re coming here to see what state the house is in. I’ve been doing little bits of cleaning here and there, and I’ll vacuum in the morning – there’s no point doing it beforehand because the cats will only come and shed all over the place as soon as I’ve finished!


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