Exciting Occurences!

I have never understood why things seem to happen in hiccoughs – days go by without anything really happening and then several things happen all at once!

This morning a large envelope arrived with my name and address on it. Receiving post is quite a rarity for me, so I was very pleased, and even more so when I saw the Royal School of Church Music letterhead – it’s the details for the choir tour! It looks like it’ll be fun, and very useful. The format is similar to the music summer schools I’ve been to before, but instead of folk music it’s church music, and instead of staying up until 4am to play tunes we have to be in bed by 10.15 (and that’s for the seniors, aged 16+; the juniors’ lights-out time is 9.15).

There’s quite a respectable number of people going from our choir. Not quite all the trebles, but nearly all of them. I don’t recognise anyone going from any of the other churches or music schools though, and there are only three altos in the seniors. Should be interesting!

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