Wrestling with the Bank

Same old, same old, although I got a call this morning from an agency saying that a job I had applied for wants to interview me on Wednesday with a view to starting next Monday. They know that I’m going away for seven days a week on Wednesday and they still want to interview me, so that’s positive. I also asked the agency to mention that I had booked (and paid for) a week’s holiday in August that I would cancel if absolutely necessary, but since it’s a data entry job I’m hoping that I could do extra hours on all the other weeks and maybe make up the time that way so that I can still go on the choir course. But I have to get the job first!

My friend Lawrence came to stay on Wednesday. We spent the day out doing various jobs, including my fortnightly JobCentre appointment and a depressing trip to the bank. On Monday night I checked my second bank account, the one I only really have because a) I’ve been with Nationwide for fifteen years, which is good for my credit rating, and b) I need a current account to get their e-savings account. But I’m considering closing it, after discovering that I accidentally went £1.21 overdrawn last week (I didn’t realise it was possible to go overdrawn with that account, it never used to be) and that they’re charging me £35 for the priviledge. I went in to beg them to waive the fee, but apparently no dice. The best I can hope for is having £15 knocked off because it’s my first ever fee, if I write to the manager and beg.

Grr. I hate being charged stupid amounts of money for small mistakes. It seems completely disproportionate that the miniscule inconvenience of the bank paying out £1.21 for me would lead to such a large charge. Until a few years ago it was really easy to get those charges back, as well, but not any more. Gah.

Oh well. If I can get this data entry job then it would be much less of an issue. Fingers crossed! I’m feeling rather fluey and ill at the moment, and when I breathe it sounds like a pair of bellows with a hole in the side, but hopefully by Wednesday I’ll be on top form. And I know I’d be able to do the job if they take me on.


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